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Friends, fellow Deviants, people of the Internet from around the world, lend me your ears.  With the ever encroaching horror that cispa might be enacted and very tired I have hit upon a plan that will please both camps.  I say, let Congress pass cispa, but in return every politician and CEO that supported cispa must register the location of every house they own in an online database.  Those individuals that are in this database would be required by Law to allow anyone, from any walk of life or nation complete access the their homes day or night, year round.  In addition they would be required to allow anyone access to their mail, telephones, and personal effects and anyone could deem any of which hazardous and censored.  If these individuals agreed to these terms then I for one would have no problem with them enacting cispa, after all there is no difference from what I can see. What say you?

p.s. I apologize for any misspellings or grammar errors as this was written at near 4 in the morning.


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